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Problem Statement
Globally, 1.7 billion children under 5 die from water born illnesses and unsafe sanitation.
In South Africa, 55% of our rivers and dams are in chocked in sewage.

This Happens because;
1.Government agencies still use telephonic reporting systems which lead to daily backlogs of up to 2 weeks.
2.Theft of steel manhole covers.As a result, sewage overflow causes damages to property, create pothole and brings serious health risks.
This impacts on human health, economic productivity and the quality of ambient freshwater resources and ecosystems.
One estimate puts this cost at 3,5 billion per year with the problem rising each year by 24.5%.

TPS offers a smart solution in wastewater management that reduces the effects of sewage pollution
which brings health risks and contamination of water sources
Overflowing sewer can damage property, bring health risks and Contaminate water sources.

Our smart manhole cover can help in

1.Identification of blockage before it becomes a problem.
2.Simplification of waste management services by automating local response.
3.Generation of data to help identify potential “hot-spots”


TPS engages with insurance companies, Municipalities, and property management firms offering a digital monitoring system combined with fixed specialized hardware to analyze, collect data and transmit notifications on a daily basis.This enables TPS to help clients to prevent sewer and water leaks malfunctions from disrupting their normal business day.

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